Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fluoride in Water

Tap water in developed countries are 100% safe to drink but is it really?

Fluoride in water supply was introduced in the 1940s. Experts back then believed that fluoride needed to be swollowed to fight tooth decay which is why fluoride is added to water supply.

In the United States, fluoride is added to the water supply to fight tooth decay. New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Ireland use fluoridation while all the other developed countries do not use fluoridation. The United States used fluoride in their drinking water more than the rest of the world combined and saw the decline in tooth dacay in the past 60 years. However, this decline has occured in countries that don't have fluoride in their drinking water. Studies done by the WHO found little difference in tooth decay problems between countries that do and countries that do not use fluoridation in water. Fluoride has been classified as a drug and Europe sees fluoridation as unsuitable. 97% of Western Europe used drinking water that has no fluoride.

The National Research Council reported that fluoridation in water causes problems with the blood sugar levels, brain, bones, pineal gland and thyroid gland. The report stated that lowered IQ, dementia, bone disorders and diabetes can occur with infants and elderly being the most vulnerable. For infants, fluoride in baby milk creates tooth decay and lower IQ.

Supporters of fluoridation stated that fluoride is natural and found in the water supply. Environment Canada released a report stating that the amount of fluoride found in lakes and rivers is <0.1 PPM compared to 0.7 to 1.2 PPM added to drinking water. Other toxic substances like arsenic and lithium are found in natural waters. If you put sea animals into tap water with fluoride, animals like salmons and frogs would suffer from shorter life spans, bone problems and behavour changes.

Because the United States uses alot of fluoridation in water, 40% of American teenagers are over exposed to fluoride and therefore have dental fluorosis which is white spots and streaks including brown stains and tooth erosion. Fluoride does not only exists in water but also toothpastes, food and beverages. Because water is already has fluoride, it mixes or added into the production of food and beverages. Teflon pans, tea, pesticides and pharmacy pills also have fluoride.

For people from poverty, fluoride can be dangerous whereas a person from a developed country only has tooth decay. Supporters say that fluoridated water can compensate for the lack of dentists. This however caused poor people to have larger dental fluorosis and greater damage to the brain. Kidney disease, poor nutrition, higher exposure to lead and fluoride. Dialysis patients had been at risk of bone damage due to fluoridated water given to them.

With the lack of access to dental care and the water supply being fluoridated for over 50 years, what kind of future will the United States be seeing?