Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Melbourne Memories #1

State Library of Victoria

Largest and oldest library in the state located in CBD (Corner Swanson and La Trobe Streets) with Melbourne Central the closest station. The La Trobe reading room is famous for its dome and structure. From November 2012 to November 2013, it celebrated it's 100th birthday. Paintings, old documents and Ned Kelly’s original armour and death mask are on display in hallways. It was established by Sir Redmond Barry who saw it as the "people's university" where information and knowledge was available to every Victorian regardless of social or financial status. Victorian students use the State Library to study using the great availability of resources and internet access. Coming in with a small bag is alright but coming in with a big bag will require the person to rent a locker. The library's outside has a big lawn where students take a break or study in the sun. There is also a specialized room for kids to play while adults study. Tourists also visit due to it's long history and heritage with artifacts and scripts displayed showing Victoria's long history. Every state in Australia has a State Library but La Trobe reading room and dome makes Victoria's State Library unique and stand out.