Monday, 1 July 2013

Sprite fusion cocktail

30ml Vodka, 30ml colour of liqueur of your choice and topped up with sprite. Enjoy with a cherry garnish
Blue – Blue Curacao
Yellow – Banana liqueur
Gold – Kahlua
Red – Strawberry liqueur
Purple – Cassis liqueur
Green – Melon liqueur

Alternatively for a sweet flavoured sprite fusion, put 60ml Vodka, 30ml of Shott Honey Blackcurrant syrup or Shott Spiced Berry and top up with sprite.
By offering a variety of colour, the customer has not only has choice but also be able to choose the colour that represents him or her. For example girls would prefer red or purple while guys prefer blue or green. With a cherry garnish, Sprite fusion is quick and easy to make while at the same time, customers can still enjoy the alcohol’s fusion with sprite.