Monday, 17 September 2012

30 day video game challenge - Day 17

Favourite antagonist - Vladimir Makarov

A former soldier accused of ethnic cleansing in Chechnya witnessed Zakhaev's arm shot off during an assassination attempt and drove him to safety. He also ordered the detonation of the nuclear device which killed 30,000 marines during a battle in the middle east during 2011. He was upset by Bravo Six's actions in killing Zakhaev. The new Ultranationalist government wanted a stable relationship with the US which angered Makarov. Makarov wanted the Ultranationalists to stand down and conduct numerous terror attacks including kidnappings, human trafficking and bombing. In 2016, he led a team on a brutal massacre at Zakhaev International Airport and killed PFC Allen who was undercover. Makarov used his dead body as evidence that the US was involved which led to the Russian invasion on the east coast. He was contacted by Captain Price and agreed to give him the location of General Shepherd. He led a team to hijack the Russian President's plane and captured him after crash landing. He did not want the president to sign the peace treaty and wanted the launch codes for the Russian Army to invade Europe. He even demanded the nuclear launch codes but was too late as Captain Price rescued him. He was hiding in a hotel in the Arab Peninsula when Price and Yuri conducted an attack against it. He escaped via helicopter but crashed and later killed by Captain Price.

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