Saturday, 21 January 2012

Battlefield 3 plot

In chronological order

2014 - Sgt Blackburn and his patrol are stationed in Iraqi Kurdistan as Misfit 1-3 with Steve Campo, David Montes and Christian Matkovic. They were tasked to find a missing marine squad. During the search, they were ambushed with Chaffin wounded by a sniper. After escaping the ambush, Misfit 1-3 moved to a building rooftop where Blackburn used an AT4 to take out the sniper hiding in a Hotel. Misfit 1-3 were not able to move back down as it was filled with PLR fighters so they moved over a plank onto another rooftop and eventually found their way down. They found the missing squad with both wounded and killed. Blackburn was tasked with following a wire trail to stop an IED and after, the patrol encountered a huge battle with the PLR.

An earthquake occured and the city was in ruins with PLR overrunning the city. Blackburn linked up with other long marines and escapes with Montes via the V-22 helicopter. Almost the same day as the earthquake, Faruk Al-Bashir and the PLR (People's Liberation and Resistance) seized power in Iran and the US believed that they are a threat. A few weeks later, the US sent 50,000 Marines to invade Iran and take him out. Lt Coleby Hawkins is a Weapons Sysem Officer on board the USS George H W Bush (CVN-77) flying the F/A-18F Super Hornet. She was involved with conducting an airstrike over an Iranian airfield to kill Al-Bashir with Sgt Blackburn's squad conducting battle damage assessment.

The airstrike failed and Misfit 1-3 was tasked to storm an apartment housing strategic intelligence and a major bank afterwards. In the bank, they search a safe which contained alot of money, intel and a crate. The crate contained a portable nuke but has spaces for two more meaning that there is two missing. Misfit 1-3 unit saw Al-Bashir and Soloman on the CCTV monitor walking in the bank lobby and decided to abandon all the intel and only securing the nuke. In the risk of being overrunned, Misfit 1-3 called for armor support. Sgt Johnathan "Jono" Miller (Anvil 3 Charlie Company 1st Tanks)  and his tanks were tasked to destroy enemy armor and reach Misfit 1-3. Miller's tank suffered alot of damage while successfully protecting Misfit 1-3's exfill via helicopter but was later overrunned.

Miller was captured with Al-Bashir giving a message before Soloman slid Miller's throat while on camera. The marines conducted a raid on Al-Bashir's compound to capture him with Blackburn and Campo providing sniper cover. Cole wanted Al-Bashir alive and did not want a "Bin Laden style resolution". Al-Bashir escaped with Blackburn shooting his vehicle stopping him. After exfiltration, Al-Bashir told Blackburn that Soloman betrayed him which led his capture. He also confessed that on the fourteenth of the month when the sun is set, Soloman will strike via trains. Al-Bashir died of his wounds afterwards. After having Al-Bashir's cellphone, the Marines were redeployed from the intel found on the phone. They moved to Northern Iran to find Amir Kaffarov, an arms dealer. After facing an ambush, the Marines encounter a Russian airborne brigade paracuting down also trying to capture Kaffarov.

Captain Cole ordered his marines to fight the Russian paratroopers and get to Kaffarov first as he believed that that the Russians were trying to rescue Kaffarov and also worked with the PLR.  While the battle between US marines and Russian paratroopers occured, Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and his two comrades (Krill and Vladimir Kamarivsky) from the GRU paracuted and assaulted Kaffarov's compound. After a long battle,  Dima climbed on board Kaffarov's helisopter just in time as it took off. Dima threw Kaffarov off and onto a swimming pool. Kaffarov was then forced to tell Dima everything about Soloman's plans. After the battle between Russian paratroopers and US marines, only Cole, Blackburn and Montes survive while Campo and Matkovic were killed by a Russian Su-25 before it got shot down by Blackburn. The remaining three split up to seaech the compound and Blackburn encountered Kaffarov's dead body.

Dima then put him at gunpoint explaining everything about Soloman and his plans. He told Blackburn that Kaffarov stole three nukes from Russia and sold it to Soloman. Soloman planned on bombing New York and Paris vis public transport.  Dima told Blackburn to do whatever he can to stop Soloman in New York and was about to leave when Cole stormed in attempting to arrest him. Dima told Blackburn to shoot him otherwise he won't be able to leave and millions will die. Blackburn then shot Cole. Blackburn and Montes spread Dima's message to the US which they ended up in detention and questioning. Dima and his two comrades went to Paris to stop the PLR from detonating the device. They stormed into a French bank and the gunbattle later shifted to the street.  The police intervened and Dima used this advantage as the PLR was slowed down and getting the nuke got easier.

Unfortunately, Vladimir was killed with Dima and Kiril left to continue the chase. They eventually found the nuke which turned out to be fake and real bomb exploded over the Euronext exchange. 80,000 French people dead. Blackburn was questioned in New York by the CIA agents Gordan and Whistler. Gordan was calm and never argued with Blackburn and just asked questions while Whistler was the opposite in an angry manner. The CIA refused to believe Blackburn's story and claim that it was Dima who played Blackburn and escape to Paris where he trigger the nuke. The CIA also never believed in Blackburn's story as there was no evidence. Gordan also told disappointed Blackburn that Soloman is an overseas asset trying to seek information from Al-Bashir. With no option, Blackburn and Montes escape after knocking out Whistler and a guard.

Blackburn jumped from a bridge onto a train where Soloman and his men boarded. Blackburn fought his way through to Soloman which led to an explosion in the tunnel. Soloman escaped through the sewers while Blackburn chased him. Blackburn was too late when he got out of the sewers when Montes arrived in a stolen police car. The two chased Soloman's vehicle through to Times Square and crashed. Soloman came out and killed Montes with his last bullet before a fist fight with Blackburn. Blackburn knocked him out with a brick and secured the nuke. Dima survived the Paris nuclear explosion with radiation poisoning. He wrote a letter reflecting the past. The door knocked and Dima cocked his pistol.

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