Saturday, 21 January 2012

Modern Warfare 3 plot

2016 - Captain Price and Nikolai take Captain Soap to Northern India for medical treatment after being stabbed by General Shepherd. In New York, the Russian Naval Fleet dominated the harbour while the Russian Army had a jamming tower over at the New York Stock Exchange. Sandman, Frost and the Delta Force storm into the Stock Exchange and destroyed the jamming tower. This allowed US forces to communicate and conduct accurate air strikes. Delta Force move to the New York harbour where they raided a Russian command submarine. They launch the submarine's missiles which destroyed most of the Russian fleet.

In Northern India, Makarov's men ambush Price and Nikolai's men. They managed to extract Soap and escape. Russian President Boris Vorshevsky was on a flight to Hamburg to meet with the US Vice President to sign a peace treaty. The flight was hijacked and crashed into a forest. The bodyguards protected President Vorshevsky and his daughter until a rescue helicopter arrived. The person inside the helicopter turned out to be Vladimir Makarov who came out with his men and killed the remaining bodyguards. Makarov captured the President and demanded the launch codes that will enable the Russian Army to invade Europe as he wanted Russia to take over all of Europe even if it meant standing over a pile of ashes. Price, Soap and Yuri went to Sierra Leone to find Makarov and his unknown cargo. They failed.

In London, the SAS were called to stop the unknown cargo and a potential terrorist attack. They failed and the cargo turned out to be chemical weapons that detonated. It also detonated around Europe to weaken it's defences in preparation for the Russian invasion. The Russian Army launched an all out invasion on Europe and the US Vice President in Hamburg was taken hostage by the Russians. Sandman, Frost and the Delta Force move to Hamburg along with other US forces to rescue the Vice President with success.

Price contacted MacMillan and was informed about the chemical shipments involving Somalia and a militia leader Waraabe. Price, Soap, Yuri and Nikolai's men move to Somalia to attack Waraabe's compound while a sandstorm was brewing. They captured Waraabe and tortured him using gas wanting information. Waraabe told Price that he never met Makarov and that his contact was a man named Volk and oversaw the delivery to Paris. Price executed Waraabe and headed off to extraction with Nikolai's helicopter shot down. Yuri rescued Nikolai and the team headed off to their secondary extraction via jeeps. Price then contacted Sandman about Volk in Paris.

This led to Delta Force being deployed to Paris to rescue the GIGN who were pinned down. Paris was hit by the gas attacks with Russian forces invading the city. Delta Force managed to capture Volk via car chase. They had to get air support form a AC-130 and exfiltrate by the Eiffel Tower. The exfiltration point was heavily pinned down by Russian Forces which led to US air strikes that not only crippled Russian Forces but also destroyed the Eiffel Tower.

Price, Yuri and Soap moved to Prague, Czech Republic to assassinate Makarov who was planning on having a meeting. The three stealthly moved around the city as it was taken over by the Russian Army and linked up with the Resistance and Kamarov.  During the assassination attempt, Price was to infiltrate the building while Yuri and Soap provide sniper cover. The whole mission was compromised as Kamarov was taken prisoner and was killed by explosives strapped around him. Yuri and Soap's position was also bombed leaving them both falling from a high building to the ground. Soap was heavily wounded and later died of his wounds. Before dying, Soap told Price that Makarov knew Yuri. Price led Yuri down to a cellar where he punched him down the stairs and put him at gunpoint demanding an explanation how Makarov knew him. Yuri answered that he was with Makarov during the Zakhaev assassination attempt in Prypiat, the nuclear explosion in an Arab city and the Moscow airport massacre. He was shot by Makarov while trying to stop the massacre. After the explanation, Price spared his life.

They both infiltrated a castle in Prague where Makarov used to cache weapons and the possibility that Makarov could be there. During the stealth infiltration, both learnt that Makarov just found out the President's daughter location and also demanded the nuclear launch codes. They both escaped. Delta Force moved to Berlin to rescue the daughter. Sandman and Frost provided sniper cover while a squad move in to rescue her but failed. Frost and Sandman regroup with the Bundeswehr and US forces to push towards the location of the President's daughter. Suddenly, a tall building collapsed blocking the way towards the building. Sandman, Frost and Delta Force move under the debris and reached the building only to come too late as the daughter was captured and taken away by a helicopter. Price, Yuri, Sandman and other Delta members assaulted a mine in Siberia where the President and her daughter is held and it was a matter of time before the President gives up the nuclear launch codes. The President and her daughter were rescued but Delta force members deliberately stayed behind and were later crushed by falling rubble. Price and Yuri then move to an Arab Hotel in the Arabian Peninsula where Makarov is.

They both wore juggernalt armor and carried heavy machine guns. They went up the lift after a hard battle and got their armor shreaded by helicopter gunners. They got to the top where they suffered another helicopter attack with Yuri wounded. Price alone was ran and jumped onto Makarov's helicopter, killed the pilots and crash landed it back onto the rooftop. Makarov won the race against Price to grab a pistol and was about to execute Price when he got shot by Yuri only to shoot him back killing him. Price took this chance to fight Makarov and tied cable wires around his neck. He smashed Makarov through the glass floor and left him hanging dead. Price then lighted a cigar and watched Makarov's body hung by the neck.

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