Friday, 6 January 2012

Kiwis hating Aussies?

During the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand, it seemed almost obvious that Kiwis hate Aussies especially Quade Cooper. Everytime Australia plays in the World Cup, Kiwis support the opposing team instead of their fellow neighbors. Everytime Quade Cooper gets the ball, the crowd boos him. HIs mother was so upset that she ended up supporting France in the final and was "ashamed to be a kiwi". Quade Cooper was born in Tokoroa, New Zealand and later moved to Australia. He is a rugby player playing for the Queensland Reds and Wallabies. Prior to the world cup, he was accused of kneeing Riche McCaw and in 2009, was accused of burglary.

News Talk ZB spoke about this hatred and said that the World Cup was about welcoming the Aussies, not hating them. An Aussie fan told Newstalk ZB about his experience in NZ. He was in a Queenstown Bar wearing a Wallabies shirt. As the only Wallaby fan in the bar, All Blacks fans disliked him. When the Wallabies scored a try, a female Kiwi fan got very upset and splashed a jug of beer at the Wallaby fan's shirt.

Australians had lost interest in rugby union as they are more focused on Aussies rules and rugby league (NRL). During the RWC 2011 semi final match between New Zealand and Australia, Crown Casino in Melbourne was packed with All Black fans watching the game on the big screens with barely any Wallaby fans in sight.

There is always a massive sporting rivalry between New Zealand and Australia which lasted over a century. Sports like rugby league, rugby union, netball and cricket. New Zealand horse Phar Lap, gained fame after winning the Melbourne Cup.

Apart from sport, both countries have been supportive to each other. When Australia was suffered from the Queenslands floods or the Victorian bushfires, New Zealand sent aid workers and equipment to help. When New Zealand suffered from the Pike River mine disaster and the Christchurch earthquakes, Australia also sent aid workers, police officers and equipment to help. Both countries fought alongside each other during the ANZAC invasion on Gallipoli in World War One.


The ANZAC invasion idea was made by WInston Churchill. Churchill wanted Turkey to be invaded and taken out of the war and allow the free flow weapon supplies to the Russian Empire. Weapons could not be supplied from the Arctic as it was frozen. Once Turkey was out of the war, the allies can flank the Germans by attacking the south east. Unfortunately, the invasion was a stalemate and later resulted in a retreat. Winston Churchill was sacked but promised that he'll be back.

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